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Closed memories in the soul
A 20-year-old woman tells her memories. She talks about her difficult childhood which, because of her father who served alcohol, lived a real nightmare. She is grateful to her grandparents because they often stand in for parents.
Country: Moldova
Year: 2023
Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Arcadie Bucarciuc / Lica Mariaș
At the Psychologist
It is a fiction film that addresses social issues: domestic violence, alcohol, corruption, teenage problems... Maria, is a teenager with suicidal thoughts, she goes to sessions with a psychologist, after a few sessions Maria disappears. The psychologist is worried about her life and decides to pay her a visit, he learns the bitter truth...
Country: Moldova
Year: 2020
Genre: Fiction
Directed by: Arcadie Bucarciuc / Lica Mariaș